Heidi Hiatt: Pateros Needs Your Help!

by Heidi Hiatt

In July of this year the largest wildfire in state history swept through Okanogan County in north central Washington. Four or five different fires, collectively known as the Carlton Complex Fire, ravaged multiple towns and destroyed 325 to 350 houses, two-thirds of which were primary residences.

You might remember my Pateros in Flames post that listed ways to help survivors of this disaster. I was sickened to learn that now, close to Thanksgiving when Okanogan County is experiencing freezing temperatures, many people are still without the housing, clothing, food, goods, and assistance they need. This crisis is far from over.

Some people assume that our government, at some level, will take care of the survivors. Wrong. FEMA has denied individual aid to fire survivors repeatedly. Those who’ve visited the area to help have called this the most underfunded disaster they’ve ever seen. So in a nutshell, in the words of community organizer Deb Stennes, this region’s recovery is dependent upon the generosity of others.

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Joan Husby: What’s to See on the Road to Innisfail?

by Joan Husby

We’re finding it no longer as easy as it used to be to take long road trips, but it’s worth the effort when one shares the fun and the driving with good friends.

Bill and Barbara are not only good friends, they are cousins and our trip to Innisfail, Alberta, this summer was not the first we’ve shared with them. Bill’s sister Vicki and her family are also good friends and the 800-mile drive north to their home in Alberta, Canada, can be counted on to deliver lots of good times.

Here are a few photos from the driving part of the trip. We took the North Cascades route, past the Oso slide to Darrington and then over the mountains to Twisp so we could see for ourselves some of the damage left by this summer’s wildfires. From there we drove through the beautiful Canadian Rockies to Calgary and north over Alberta’s rich farmland to Innisfail, a small town with much besides its charming name to recommend it.

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Mary E. Trimble: Thanksgiving in a Far Away Place

by Mary E. Trimble

Thanksgiving was almost upon us. Even though it wasn’t a celebrated holiday in West Africa’s The Gambia, we intended to make it a special day and invited two fellow Peace Corps volunteers to join us.

Our chickens were all producing eggs so we didn’t want to slaughter one of them. I decided to buy a live chicken. Buying one already slaughtered, defeathered and prepared to cook was unheard of in this rural, third-world country.

That morning, soon after I arrived at work at the Health Centre, I asked Sister Roberts if live chickens were always available at the market. I didn’t even bother asking about a turkey–I’d never seen one in The Gambia. Sister was familiar with our Thanksgiving. “You’ll want a big bird, Mariama, so you should buy a rooster. But you must leave now or they’ll all be gone. People buy birds early in the morning.”

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Police Blotter: True Stanwood Crime, Served Weekly

Stanwood PoliceFrom Your Stanwood Police Department:

On 11-14-14, two vehicles collided in the 9700 block of 270th St NW. One driver was cited for Failing to Stay Right of the Centerline.

On 11-14-14, a vehicle owner reported being a victim of a hit and run collision while parked in the 26600 block of 72nd AV NW.

On 11-15-14, a 33 year old Stanwood woman drove through a stop sign in the 9200 block of 271st St NW, hit another vehicle and fled the scene. Charges are being referred.

On 11-17-14, a 75 year old woman with medical conditions passed away in a nursing home in the 9900 block of 272nd PL NW.

On 11-19-14, a resident of the 9900 block of 272nd PL NW is missing jewelry.

On 11-19-14, a woman reported being hit by a car and knocked off her battery operated three wheeled scooter in the 26000 block of 72nd Av NW. The woman was sore but did not need aid. The scooter had no apparent damage.