Police Blotter: Your Weekly Feast of Bad Behavior

police_barney.1From Your Stanwood Police Department:

On 4-18-15, several items outside a business in the 27000 block of 90th AV NW were vandalized.

On 4-19-15, a 27 year old Stanwood man was arrested for Assault 4 DV and Violation of a Court Order DV in the 28200 block of 68th Av NW. He was court ordered to stay away from his sister and was involved in an altercation with her.

On 4-19-15, a vehicle parked in the 9900 block of 272nd PL NW was damaged by an apparent hit and run driver.

On 4-19-15, a dog bit a small child in the 27100 block of 103rd Dr NW.

On 4-20-15, a citizen in the 28300 block of 72nd DR NW reported fraud; several accounts had been opened up in her name.

On 4-20-15, a resident of the 27500 block of 72nd Av NW reported her ex continually violates a court order by contacting her via texts and phone. Investigation continues.

On 4-21-15, three vehicles collided in the 9200 block of SR 532; the trailing vehicle was unable to stop in time.

On 4-21-15, a vehicle was prowled a week earlier while parked in the 7500 block of 267th St NW and a wallet was taken.

On 4-21-15, several windows were damaged on school property in the 7400 block of 272nd St NW.

Meet Anna Knight, Mystic and Healer

Ann with mic2by Norman W Wilson, PhD
Photo by Suzanne V Wilson

We met Anna five or six years ago. We have experienced her wonderful Reiki healing, her fabulous knowledge of healing crystals and that which is Esoteric. Here are her answers to my questions:

What is your educational background?

My spiritual journey began in 1993 when I was introduced to the Esoteric path. I studied and learned about various philosophies such as Alchemy, Mysticism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Kabbala, Tao Te Ching and Theosophy. Along with my studies, expansion of consciousness began through the daily practice of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Pranayama, Yoga and Meditation. By exploring the nature of life and of existence through ancient traditions passed down from earliest times I learned the basic metaphysical principles and values for inner spiritual growth and development. Then in the spring of 1999, my husband and I relocated to WA and decided to start a family and raising my two boys became my primary focus.

Norman W. Wilson: Crystals and So Much More

by Norman W Wilson, PhDShelley Smith

Photo by Suzanne V Wilson

For the past several months Suzanne and I have driven over to Arlington and stopped at a unique metaphysical store called A Path to Avalon. The store is on the third floor, Suite D, of the Jim Minifie State Farm Building located at 437 N. Olympic Avenue. There is an elevator and the store is air conditioned.

Shelley Smith, owner, has been involved with crystals and stone for over eight years. She has taken classes to learn about the many wonderful qualities of crystals. She also relies upon several authoritative books as well as the Internet for additional information.

In addition to classes about crystals, Shelley has taken classes in healing, spiritualism, and mediumship. She views herself as being intuitive and considers her strongest gift is that of claircognizance, clear-knowing. She also channels.

Shelley says opening her shop was a co-creative effort from Spirit; that she had been out of the work force for over twenty-five years during which time she raised her children and welcomed her grandchildren. She began to feel a shift in her life and was being guided in many different directions, all of which were very confusing. She says she now realizes all of this was to provide her information she was to impart to others. Spirit gave her a clear message. Even though she had never owned a store, she felt she was guided by her Spirit who continues to provide that guidance, the people, and the products she needs to further the healing mission of her store.

In addition to the beautiful and powerful array of crystals Shelley offers “tools” for many different belief systems: Smudging supplies, candles, animal totems, figurines, crosses, prayer beads, essential oils, and books.

Ginger Kauffman: Yes You Can – Serve Out of Your Own Weakness

by Ginger Kauffman

When you see Carolyn Sibert you can’t help but notice her beautiful smile that engages her entire face. Whether she’s hiking, hitching a ride on her husband George’s Harley, or hanging out with any or all of her eleven grandchildren, Carolyn gives herself to what is before her. She loves life, with all its joys and challenges.

And Carolyn has had more challenges than most folks.

The youngest of nine children, Carolyn was a strong-minded girl — she calls herself strong-willed — and lived in her own world. Sometimes she disobeyed. It wasn’t until she was five years old that her parents discovered the reason: She was profoundly deaf. So was her brother, who was eleven years her senior.

via Three Minutes to Nine: Yes You Can — Serve Out of Your Own Weakness.