Mary E. Trimble: Hibulb Cultural Center | Keeping the Cultural Fires Burning

by Mary E. Trimble

The Hibulb Cultural Center & Natural History Preserve is a fascinating museum located on the Tulalip Reservation adjacent to the city of Marysville, Washington, 34 miles north of Seattle. Hibulb (pronounced Hee-bolb) is resplendent with tribal folk lore, carving, weaving, knitting, and sculpture.

The center is named for the large village of Hibulb that was at the end of a bluff overlooking Puget Sound. Warriors who lived in longhouses at Hibulb protected their people from invasion of their territories. From Hibulb, they could see enemies approaching from a long distance and they would light a huge signal fire to warn the other villages and longhouses across the bay and up the Snohomish River.

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Heidi Hiatt: Justice for Susann Smith

by Heidi Hiatt

This week the trial of Alan Smith began in Snohomish County Superior Court. Smith is accused of murdering his children’s mother and estranged spouse Susann Smith in February of 2013. News coverage has been sparse so far, but the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter has followed the case all along and will continue to post updates. Matt Phelps and crew– thank you for keeping this in the public eye.

In May of 2013 I wrote the post, Murdering Susann Smith, which has hundreds of comments attached. I didn’t know when I penned it that it would become a gathering spot for people wanting more information about the case and to share what they knew. The neighborhood where this happened was concerned about their safety and disgusted by what went on at the Smith house after her murder.

For a long time, the primary suspect in the case was free and making a very public affair of his relationship with his new girlfriend, who later committed suicide after giving birth to their child. I still have trouble typing that, especially in light of what he allegedly did to Susann. He treated both women as disposable, as if he was God and had every right to hurt them and then get rid of them. Eventually the police had enough evidence and arrested him.

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Joan Husby: Honey Bees Bring Summer in January

by Joan Husby

The first full week of January 2015 blew in with icy rain and low dark clouds. Bare branches swished above fallen leaves lying black and sodden on the ground. Not much indicates that summer lurks beneath them, just waiting for the proper time to burst forth.

But in my cupboard I’ve got a couple of jars of last summer’s nectar—honey from the Nixon honey farm near Innisfail, Alberta.

When I spread it on my breakfast toast, it conjures a picture of blooming fields and hard-working honeybees.

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Philanthropist of the Year Award Nominations – Due February 6

SCAF logoPlease Help us Find Worthy Award Recipients!

The Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation (SCAF) will present three philanthropy awards to outstanding individuals and businesses at the Philanthropists of the Year Awards Breakfast on March 28th. Please take a few minutes to think about who you can nominate! We are accepting nominations for the following three awards until February ​6​. (If you have nominated someone in the past who was not chosen for an award you do not need to nominate them again. They will be considered with other nominees.)​

Ginger Kauffman: Getting Started with Sourdough

by Ginger Kauffman

If it’s a big fat slice of fresh, deeply satisfying, crunchy-crusted, flavorful, right-out-of-the oven sourdough bread you’re craving, you should stop by our house about 10:00 on a Friday evening as Tom is pulling a loaf out of the oven. It’s a scene that has been repeated nearly every weekend the past several months as he has been preparing to publish his new Kindle book, Getting Started with Sourdough: Creative Bread Making.

My man Tom is a Renaissance Man. His interests are varied and far-flung, and over the years he has had several. This is the boy who created his own recipe for soda crackers, and the college student who made a hot air balloon from a cleaners bag and watched it soar from SPU, past the Ballard Bridge, and then out of sight. Before we met he had a loft of racing pigeons and many weekends during the year he could be found at his pigeon club or racing his birds from as far away as San Francisco.

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