Police Blotter: True Stanwood Crime, Served Weekly

Stanwood PoliceFrom Your Stanwood Police Department:

On 11-14-14, two vehicles collided in the 9700 block of 270th St NW. One driver was cited for Failing to Stay Right of the Centerline.

On 11-14-14, a vehicle owner reported being a victim of a hit and run collision while parked in the 26600 block of 72nd AV NW.

On 11-15-14, a 33 year old Stanwood woman drove through a stop sign in the 9200 block of 271st St NW, hit another vehicle and fled the scene. Charges are being referred.

On 11-17-14, a 75 year old woman with medical conditions passed away in a nursing home in the 9900 block of 272nd PL NW.

On 11-19-14, a resident of the 9900 block of 272nd PL NW is missing jewelry.

On 11-19-14, a woman reported being hit by a car and knocked off her battery operated three wheeled scooter in the 26000 block of 72nd Av NW. The woman was sore but did not need aid. The scooter had no apparent damage.

Via KING5: Stanwood business owner says FEMA red tape forcing her out

Kathy Blank’s quilt shop is a patchwork of a business. She bought the building, a former firehouse, 7 years ago and decided to transform it into something warm and fuzzy.

“People thought I was crazy. It had a leaky roof, asbestos siding. I was torn down and leaking but I saw a vision,” she said.

Blank sank $100,000 into the property to flood proof it, as required by FEMA. For nearly 7 years everything was just fine until one day in August when she found out her flood insurance had been canceled.

“You know, it’s government red tape. It’s ridiculous,” she said.

via Stanwood business owner says FEMA red tape forcing her out.

Leaving those leaves helps your garden and wildlife

Fall_Leaves_Wikimedia_CommonsBy Jamie Bails, WDFW Habitat Biologist

A few autumns ago, after watching a neighbor rake and bag fallen leaves, I asked him if I could spread the leaves around my perennial beds as mulch. He hesitatingly agreed and watched suspiciously as I quickly loaded up eight bags into the wheelbarrow and giddily spread the leaves around my flower beds.