Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen moved to Camano Island on a permanent basis, from the Greater Seattle metropolitan area over 30 years ago, and has never regretted the decision to live in peace, amidst nature, on the shore of the great ocean that surrounds the world.

She’s been a card carrying member of the working press since age 14, when she cut her photojournalist teeth as a staff member of a Columbia University first prize award winning High School newspaper, during the McCarthy hearings  (“witch hunts”).  She’s won awards since then as a playwright, author, newspaper byline columnist, and writer. Barbara served as President of the Humane Society of Seattle and King County.  In 1985, she accepted ordination, now retired.

A few years later she trained and worked for the Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish County, then trained for the Crisis Center, feeling that this additional education would be valuable.  (It also added another title: Rev. Barbara Allen, CMP.)  No longer active other than on Camano, she’s been a volunteer with the American Red Cross Disaster Action team, for about 15 years; and trained with a CERT long ago at Warm Beach.

Other interests include nature, growing most of the fruit and vegetables consumed year ‘round, photography, painting, wood carving, RV’ing, and occasionally, politics.

She has four adult children and three grandchildren all of whom reside in Washington State.

An experienced gourmet chef and culinary creative artist she’s working on a healthy mostly ethnic cookbook for publication; a play manuscript for performance; and enjoys reading the Camano Community news and its contributors.

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  1. Janet Wetherill
    January 21, 2012 at 4:41 am

    Very nice. They nailed it! Honored to have met such an accomplished woman

  2. Captn Blynd
    July 10, 2012 at 11:16 am

    Your profile and background in journalism seem to make you a reasonable person for me to contact. My name is Captn R Blynd and I intend to influence the issues during the upcoming elections for Island County officials. I am doing this with my own resources (which is another amusing political story) because I am fed up. I will allow the people to make thier own educated decisions on these issues but I will see to it that any candidate that remains ignorant on this issues will be willfully ignorant.The same will apply to the voters.
    My 3 issues.
    I seek clarification on medical cannabis. The right, and therefore duty, to do this is clearly in state law.
    I seek enforcement of law concerning the use of explosives by unqualified, generally intoxicated, persons. I will not be discussing “illegal fireworks” as some would like to call them. I will be discussing powerful explosives in the hands of drunks. 911 has been “busy” the last 2 years. Law enforcement seems to list calls as “noise complaints”. These are not firecrackers. Mortors and bombs are illegal for a very good reason and those who use them in residential areas should be punished. If someone set-off an explosive device in front of a school there would be a massive investigation. It’s OK to set-off over 100 within yards of a blind man with anxiety issues? I want to know what the candidates will or will not do to enforce the law and protect me from such abuse. I even have a suggestion which will put money in the County coffers without up-front expense.
    I am also an advocate for farm/food freedom. In short, I believe that people should have the right to grow and share/sell food without excessive federal interference. The federal government is currently prosecuting an Amish farmer and a “dairy” with 2 cows. Many Counties are passing ordinance and regulation on this issue across America. I want the candidates to be informed and would prefer they make a general statement on the issue.
    I invite your over-site or involvement. I am asking you if there are other individuals you would recommend I contact for the purpose of informing news and distributing information in the Camano area?

    Captn Blynd –Google me. I have the resources. The public will be informed on these issues and the candidates stands. Contact: