Dusty Miller

As Dusty puts it, he was raised by “goodly folks” but he created so much consternation in the home that his parents traded him to a band of Blackfeet Indians that happened to be passing through his parent’s ranch in Montana.  He said he believed the bargain consisted of him for a bag of corn . . . a small bag.  The Indians returned him the next fall because as the chief said: “Him no work, him only sleep, eat, and chase squaw.”

His folks refused to take him back and the tribe threatened to burn their ranch to the ground and take all of their cattle if they refused.   Standing in the ashes of their once fine ranch with nothing left in the world, his parents felt that they got the better of the bargain.

The tribe unceremoniously dumped him in the valley of the evil spirit or the “burning mountains” which is now called Yellowstone Park.  It is here, alone, that Dusty learned how to hunt, fish, and live off of the land.  He found his way to the northwest where he became close friends with Chief Dan George which is what propelled the Chief to adopt more of the white man’s ways and eventually become a movie star.  He was indebted to Dusty until his death.

Dusty can be found late at night sleeping on one of Camano Island’s beaches.  If you happen to run into him, approach him carefully as he will most assuredly be hopelessly intoxicated and is protected by a very large Rottweiler named Bailey.  The dog, however, may also be intoxicated.  They make a fine pair.